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CIB Meeza Cards


CIB is proud to announce the addition of the national "Meeza" cards to its growing cards portfolio.  

The cards are a part of our work to support the government's efforts to drive financial inclusion and transition to a cashless society. CIB Meeza cards allow customers to withdraw cash from ATMs, conduct purchases and E-commerce transactions locally only.


CIB has launched different card types: Meeza Generic prepaid card (Karty) and Meeza Governmental prepaid card.

1. Meeza Generic Prepaid Card (Karty): The easiest and quickest Meeza card to be issued. The card can be issued for anyone using only their national ID.

2. Meeza Governmental Prepaid Card: Issued for Governmental institutions employees. The card will be an easy solution to transfer salaries and pensions regardless of the earned monthly salary amount.


Card type / Fee LineMeeza Generic Prepaid Card (Karty)Meeza Governmental Prepaid Card
Issuance/ Renewal FeesEGP 15EGP 20
Replacement FeesEGP 15EGP 20

Cash Withdrawal Fees 

CIB ATMsFreeFree
Reload Fees CIB ATMs​​Free​Free
​EGP 10​NA
​Maximum Reload amounts​​EGP 20,000​NA
​Maximum Daily Cash withdrawal limit​Maximum Number Of Transactions 10​​EGP 6,000​NA
Maximum Daily Purchase limit ​Maximum Number Of Transactions 10EGP 6,000​NA
​Maximum Monthly Cash withdrawal limitMaximum Number Of Transactions 30​​EGP 50,000​EGP 100,000
​Maximum Monthly Purchase limit Maximum Number Of Transactions 30​EGP 50,000​EGP 150,000
Card Validity3 years5 years


Terms and Conditions Apply