FEATURES Save in the short and medium term with our TDs

Whatever your business needs may be, our Time Deposits offer short and medium term saving options to suit them

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Our TD durations range between one week and up to five years

Competitive interest rates

Interest rates are calculated based on the TD's duration

If you need your funds now

You can receive a secured loan worth up to 95% of your TD's value

Customize your payments

Interest is earned at maturity for TDs with durations of one week to 9 months. For TDs with durations of 1 or 2 years, interest is earned monthly, quarterly or annually. For 3 and 5 years TDs, interest is earned annually.

Types of TDs Explore the different types of TDs the Bank has to offer.

Short and medium term

  • Duration: from one week to one year
  • Minimum amount: EGP: 5,000, USD: 1,000, EUR: 5,000, GBP: 5000
  • Interest payment: at maturity (for all TDs Tenors)
    at maturity or monthly (for EGP TDs - 12 months)

    Long term

  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Interest payment: monthly, quarterly, or annually (EGP)
    Monthly (USD)

    Rates Discover the Time Deposits' interest rates
    Time Deposit Rates for CIB Business Banking & Corporate Customers

    Requirements The requirements for requesting a TD

    Request a TD now and a bank representative will contact you in 48 hours

    • Active CIB company account

    • Product application form
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