Features CIB Business

Growing your business with you

CIB Business

Borrow on your terms!

Receive secured and unsecured asset products with higher limits and the fastest approval cycle

An account tailored for you

Open a Super Business Account and receive benefits tailored for your business needs.

Access to professional services

Make use of CIB's Business Solutions to offload your business processes, and get the best quality of work

A unique relationship-based approach

Our dedicated Relationship Managers and Credit Relationship Managers are well trained to help you grow your businesses

Go cashless!

Get your free CIB Visa Platinum Business debit card with your Super Business account and leave the cash behind

Taking the bank to you

CIB’s innovative digital banking platforms let you allocate your management capacity towards the business’ growth while taking care of your banking needs with the click of a button
Our services All the products and services you have access to as a CIB Business customer
Product recommendations

Help me choose wizard

Whether you need to manage your money, borrow or trade, the 'Help me choose' wizard will find the best products for you!

Help me choose
Ways to bank All the ways you can bank with CIB

Personalized Digital Channels

Get a free Business Online subscription and enjoy 50% off on all online transactions* with a CIB Super Business Account, to make sure your money gets where it needs to go at the least cost

24/7 Banking Services

  • Our nation-wide range of branches and ATMs
  • Digital channels
  • Free Deposit and CIB Visa Platinum Debit Business cards
  • Dedicated call center number 16677
  • Dedicated officers and relationship managers

    Segments How does the CIB Business segment compare to CIB Growth

    CIB Growth

    Among many other benefits, as a Growth customer you'll receive:

    • Easy Business Account
    • Discounts on our digital solutions
    • Fastest TAT for loans and fixed installments
    • Payment acceptance bundles

    Save your time and effort by becoming a CIB Growth customer. Handle your business needs efficiently. 

    CIB Business

    Among many other benefits, as a Business customer you'll receive:

    • Super Business Account
    • Dedicated Relationship Manager
    • Customized lending programs, based on behaviour
    • CIB Business Solutions
    • Payment acceptance bundles

    Take advantage of the advice and network that CIB can offer your business.

    Learning Center Learn more about banking and your finances
    Learning Center Learn more about banking and your finances
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