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​Now you can use your CIB Debit Card securely online 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CIB Debit Card is a payment card linked to your current or saving​ account. The card unlocks benefits and privileges including easy access to your account, allowing you to get cash and perform other banking transactions at more than one million ATMs worldwide.

Additionally, you can use the card in purchase in Egypt or abroad, and enjoy offers through our Bonus Points Program.

For more information on CIB's BONUS points program, click here BONUS ​
CIB Debit Card provides you with:
  • Alternative safe and convenient cash tool
  • An ultimate choice for an easy and secure payment method
  • ​Enables tracking and spend management
  • Access to your bank accounts 24/7 through​
  • Online Usage for purchase transactions. 

​​CIB Debit Card Fees and Authorization Limit
​​First year fees for Primary/Supplementary card​​                                                                      ​​​Debit Card EGP 50
​Youth Card  EGP 25
​Renewal/Annual fees (Primary/Supplementary)​ ​​​Debit Card EGP 50
​Youth Card  EGP 25
​​Card replacement fees (Primary/Supplementary)​ ​​Debit Card EGP 50
​​Youth Card  EGP 25
​Cash withdrawal fees from CIB ATMs ​Free
​Cash withdrawal fees from other domestic ATMs​ ​


​Cash withdrawal fees from international ATMs​
4% min. of EGP 20
​Daily limit on cash withdrawal​EGP 20,000 per day on customer level 
​Daily purchase limit ​​​EGP 45,000
​​​​FX (Foreign Exchange) markup fe​es​ ​​3%
Maximum monthly foreign currency limit for purchase​
​No international spend limits
Maximum monthly foreign currency limit on cash withdrawal​​​
EGP 10,000 


Now after activating your card, you can bank on the go ​

By using CIB ATMs, Internet Banking, IVR or Mobile Banking app, you can:​

  • Deposit Cash via ATM network 
  • Pay your utility bills via ​ATM network and IVR
  • Transfer between accounts inside or outside the bank via Internet Banking and Mobile App
  • Get real time updates on all your accounts and credit card balances via ATM network, Internet Banking, IVR and Mobile App
  • Pay your Credit Card via ATM network, Internet Banking , IVR and Mobile App
  • Immediately stop your lost/stolen credit cards via Internet Banking, IVR and Mobile App
  • Deposit cheque in your account on selected ATMs
  • Donate to charities​ via ATM network, Internet Banking , IVR and Mobile App

​For more information, please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch


FAQs "Using Your CIB Debit Cards Online"​​

How can I use my debit card online?

Once you have completed  your online checkout, enter your card number, expiration date, and CVC.

What is my CVC?

Your card validation code (CVC) is the three digit number​ printed on the back of your card. It is located in the white area next to the signature strip. The CVC is required in online transactions to ensure maximum security. 

My debit card doesn't have a CVC or Chip, Can I use it online?

For security purposes, only debit cards with a CVC can be used online. If your card does not have a CVC, please visit your nearest CIB branch to request a new debit card with a chip and CVC.

​Will I receive an SMS after every transaction?

Yes. You will receive an SMS after every online purchase made with your CIB debit card. The message will contain the details of the transaction.

How will I know my "One Time Password" ?

The Secure Code Service is enabled on all CIB debit cards and required by registered merchants. After you enter your card details online, you will be routed to a screen asking you to enter the "One Time Password" sent to you in an SMS.​

Are online transaction secure?

Yes, our secure code service is enabled on all CIB debit cards to ensure maximum security for all your online transactions. After every online purchase, you will also receive an SMS that contains the details of your transaction. 

Are there any limits for the online usage?

Yes, there are daily and monthly limits on the number of transactions and amount spent. The following table displays the limits for each debit card type;

Online Card LimitsDaily​Monthly*
Debit Card Type​​​Number of
Number of TransactionsSpending Limit 

​ ​
EGP 20,000​

​ ​
EGP 50,000
TitaniumEGP 40,000EGP 100,000
PlatinumEGP 60,000EGP 150,000

*You can only use half of your monthly limit in the first 15 days of each month.


If you are a Platinum debit cardholder, you can use your card to make online purchases worth up to EGP 75,000 in the first 15 days of the month. Then, you can use the remaining EGP 75,000 of your monthly online spending limit in the second half of the same month.​

Will I be charged any fees on my online transactions?

You will not be charged any fee for online purchases made in Egyptian pounds. You will be charged a foreign exchange mark-up fee of 3% for online purchases made in a foreign currency.


Terms and Conditions Apply​​​