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Savings Account

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Save your money with CIB Savings Account and enjoy a tiered competitive interest rates along with other exclusive benefits

You can earn interest on your savings with different interest payment frequncies in addition to free exclusive insurance benefits on EGP saving accounts.
Local Currency Savings Account:

  • Open EGP account with minimum of EGP 5,000.

Interest frequency payments:

  • ​Daily tiered interest: Starting EGP 100,000 calculated on daily closing balance and credited monthly
  • Monthly tiered interest: Starting EGP 10,000 calculated on lowest monthly balance and credited monthly 
  • Quarterly tiered interest: Starting EGP 10,000 calculated on lowest monthly balance and credited quarterly
  • Overdraft facility reaches up to 90% of available balance


Foregin Currency Savings Account:

USD Currency

  • Open USD account with minimum of USD 1,000. 

Interest frequency payments:

  • Daily tiered interest: Starting USD 5,000 calculated on daily closing balance and credited daily 
  • Monthly tiered interest: Starting USD 5,000 calculated on lowest monthly balance and credited monthly
  • Quarterly tiered interest: No minimum balance; calculated on daily closing balance and credited quarterly

GBP and EUR Currencies:

  • Open a saving account with minumum of GBP or EUR 1,000 interest is calculated on daily closing balance and credited quarterly to the account. 

Free insurance benefits

  • ​The more you save, the more insurance benefits you get free of charge. With the Save and Safe account, you will get a variety of free insurance products:

    • ​Accidental death or disability insurance in case of an accident (AD&D)
    • Medical reimbursement in case of an accident (AMR)
    • Educational allowance for children in case of accident (E.A)
    • Home insurance
The above insurance features are completely free for CIB Save and Safe clients.​


EGP Interest Rates 

TenorInterest Payment amountInterest Rates



0 - Below 100K 0.00%
 Above 100K -  Below 250K3.00%
 From 250K - Below 1M4.00%
​From 1M - Below 2M ​7.00%
​From 2M - Below 5M​8.50%
​5M and above​9.25%




0 - Below 10K0.00%
 10K - Below 100K6.50%
​100K - Below 500K​7.00%
​500K - Below 2M​8.25%
​2M - Below 5M ​10.50%
​5M and above​11.00%



 0 - Below 10K0.00%
 10K - Below 100K7.25%
100K - Below 500K​​8.25%
500K - Below 2M​​10.00%
​2M and Above ​12.00%​
USD Interest Rates
TenorInterest Payment amountInterest Rates

 Less than 5K0.00%
 5K to 100K0.125%
 Above 100K0.200%

 Less than 5K0.00%
5K to 100K0.250%
Above 100K0.350%

Up to 100K0.450%
 Above 100K0.550%​
EUR / GBP​​​​​​​ Interest Rat​es
TenorCurrency Interest Rates​

Quarterly​​ ​
N.B.: Payroll monthly Saving Account interest rate is 2% for monthly balance exceeding EGP 5,000

 Required Documents​
  • Copy of valid national ID or valid passport for foreigners 
  • Recent original utility bill (electricity or gas)
  • Income Proof.
  • Proof of permanent residence for foreigners


 Fees & Charges

 Banking ServiceAnnual amount in EGP or its equivalent
Account Annual Admin FeesEGP 100
Bank Statement -Quarterly EGP 90
Bank Statement - MonthlyEGP 175
Bank Statement - WeeklyEGP 250
Bank Statement -- DailyEGP 400
E-Statement Free


For more information about the account opening requirements please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch

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