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Savings Account

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Save your money with CIB Savings Account and enjoy a tiered competitive interest rates

You can earn interest on your savings with different interest payment frequencies
Local Currency Savings Account:

  • Open EGP account with minimum of EGP 20,000.

Interest frequency payments:

  • ​Daily tiered interest: Starting EGP 100,000 calculated on daily closing balance and credited monthly
  • Monthly tiered interest: Starting EGP 50,000 calculated on lowest monthly balance and credited monthly 
  • Quarterly tiered interest: Starting EGP 20,000 calculated on lowest monthly balance and credited quarterly
  • Overdraft facility reaches up to 90% of available balance


Foreign Currency Savings Account:

USD Currency

  • Open USD account with minimum of USD 1,000. 

Interest frequency payments:

  • Daily tiered interest: Starting USD 5,000 calculated on daily closing balance and credited daily 
  • Monthly tiered interest: Starting USD 5,000 calculated on lowest monthly balance and credited monthly
  • Quarterly tiered interest: No minimum balance; calculated on daily closing balance and credited quarterly

GBP and EUR Currencies:

  • Open a saving account with minimum of GBP or EUR 1,000 interest is calculated on daily closing balance and credited quarterly to the account. 

EGP Interest Rates​
​Amount/Interest Frequency​Daily​MonthlyQuarterly
​20K - 50K​0%​0%​3.50%
​50K - 100K​0%3.75%​4.25%
​100K - 200K​1.00%​4.00%​4.50%
200K - 500K​1.25%​4.50%​5.00%
500K - 1M​2.00%​5.50%​5.75%
​1M - 2M4.00%​6.00%​6.75%
2M - 5M5.00%7.50%7.50%
5M - 15M6.00%8.00%​8.00%
15M - 50M​7.00%8.20%8.25%
​50M and above ​7.50%8.25%8.30%
 *Above Rates are effective January 19th,2020

USD Interest Rates
TenorInterest Payment amountInterest Rates

 Less than 5K0.00%
 5K to 100K0.125%
 Above 100K0.200%

 Less than 5K0.00%
5K to 100K0.250%
Above 100K0.350%

Up to 100K0.450%
 Above 100K0.550%​
EUR / GBP​​​​​​​ Interest Rat​es
TenorCurrency Interest Rates​

Quarterly​​ ​
N.B.: Payroll monthly Saving Account interest rate is 1% for monthly balance exceeding EGP 5,000

 Required Documents​
  • Copy of valid national ID or valid passport for foreigners 
  • Recent original utility bill (electricity or gas)
  • Income Proof.
  • Proof of permanent residence for foreigners


 Fees & Charges

 Banking ServiceAnnual amount in EGP or its equivalent
Account Annual Admin FeesEGP 100
Bank Statement -Quarterly EGP 120
Bank Statement - MonthlyEGP 240
Bank Statement - WeeklyEGP 500
Bank Statement -- DailyEGP 2,500
E-Statement Free

 *The above fees and charges applies on Individuals only.

For more information about the account opening requirements please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch

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