Yes, please make sure they have the Meeza Digital logo and confirm that they accept QR payments.
The amount will be returned to your wallet.
Decline the request. The merchant will be notified that you declined it.
CIB does not store any account details on your mobile device.
No, Online Card issuance fees are non-refundable.

Transfers in Egyptian Pound inside CIB (No fees)

Transfers in Egyptian Pound outside CIB inside Egypt (Fees are waived till 31st of December 2023):

  • Commission:0.1% minimum EGP 20 - Maximum EGP 250

Transfers in a foreign currency:

  • Commission: 0.15% from the amount with a minimum of USD 10
  • Swift Charges: Equivalent to USD 10 through Online Banking.
  • The charges are equivalent to USD 20 if executed through CIB branches
  • Beneficiary Bank Fees: Based on the beneficiary bank's fees and charges. The USD equivalent is calculated upon execution and is based on CIB’s daily currency free market rate

If the transfer is conducted through IPN to one of the banks participating in the Instant Payment Network, the commission will be 0.2% with a minimum of EGP 10 and a maximum of EGP 50 (Fees are waived till 31st of December 2022)

Meeza wallet transfers through Internet or Mobile banking is free of charge

There are no fees to use the CIB Mobile Banking service. Data charges from your mobile service provider may apply. CIB is not responsible for these charges.
There are no required fees to enroll in CIB Private.
Yes, if the school or college is listed on a CIB ATM, or if the school or college has a POS.
Only CIB Primary cardholders enjoy free access.

Yes. For debit/ credit cards activation, you have to call 19666 from your registered mobile number.

No, you can view your active cards only. You can easily activate your card through IVR or SMS.
No, but you can simply apply for loans and credit cards through the CIB website here.
Yes, you can have a notification appear on your Internet banking home page once you sign in if an account’s balance falls below or rises above a certain limit, this can be done through “Notifications” under the “Settings” tab where you can set up your rule.
Customers can use the credit card and pay in installments with zero interest through one of the merchants in the below link.For merchants with zero interest installments, please click here.
Should be done from a branch.
You must ask the merchant to refund the amount.
No, once you confirm the transaction, you will not be able to cancel it.
If your due date is 25 from each month you can change it to be 5 from each month, and your statement will start from the 21st to the 20th of the next month.

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